Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is the 2nd most feared shark after the Great White. It's also the 2nd largest predatory shark and 3rd most dangerous. The Tiger Shark's teeth work just like a can opener, only this can opener kills. But they have been found with cans of petroleum in their stomach. Other weird objects found in their stomach include a rubber tire, roll of tar paper, roll of chicken wire, bag of potatoes, sac of coal, rags, paper, aluminum foil, beer bottles, burlap sacs, chicken coop, plastic bags, aluminum soft-drink cans, nails, nuts and bolts, 2-pound coil of copper wire, small barrels, old pants, overcoats, raincoat, pair of shoes, boots, empty wallet, bag of money, finger ring, driver's license, driftwood, pieces of coral, mass of tangled hair, explosives, brass casing from an 18-pound shell, tools, leather, fabrics, boat cushins, unopened tin of salmon, 2-pound can of peas, cigarette tin, tom-tom, oral contreceptive dispenser, oceangeographic drift marker, steak bone, seeds, nuts, grass, jellyfish, conch shells and opercula, horseshoe crabs, tunicates, head and forequarters of a crocodile, chickens, muttonbirds, pelicans, seagulls, rats, black cat, spaniel with collar, pigs, pig parts, cattle bones and hooves, deer antlers, horse parts, donkey parts, hyenas, monkeys, and human parts.