The Ratel, or Honey Badger, is a small but tough animal. The Ratel is so tough that the Guinness World Record books has named it the most fearless animal for a number of years. The Ratel is so aggressive it will actually attack the deadly Puff Adder. It has also been filmed taking food out of a Puff Adder's mouth. If a person did this, that person would most likely be commiting suicide. The Ratel can do this because they have thick skin. This skin is also very loose. This allows the Ratel to turn quickly easily and fight a Lion, a Leopard, or an African Rock Python. The Ratel is something like a hybrid between a Wolverine, a Sea Otter, and a skunk. I already told you why it's like a Wolverine, but it's like a Sea Otter because it will sometimes use tools. They have been seen rolling logs to reach a bird's nest. As for the skunk part, it has white stripes on its black body. But to me, this is Africa's own Wolverine.