Majungasaurus Fight!

Majungasaurus previously know as Majungatholus was a very close reletive of Carnotaurus. Unlike Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus was living in a tiny landmass that is now Madagascar. This forced Majungasaurus to not only be an apex predator, but a cannibal as well. In 2003, a Majungasaurus fossil was found with bite marks from another Majungasaurus. This is the first positive proof that dinosaurs were occasionaly cannibals. Majungasaurus is also very poorly known because there are barely any specimens to even work with. Some paleontologists think that the reason Majungasaurus is so rare is the population in Madagascar was pretty small, and think about it: Tiny population+Small island=Disaster! The skull of Majungasaurus has a very rough and bumpy texture. This suggests Majungasaurus had an unusually hideous face. Some paleontologists think that hideous face could be a freak of nature. This dinosaur's ugly face could be the end result of inbreeding. The results of inbreeding can be pretty nasty. Inbreeding sideffects include less of a tolerence for disease, weaker bone structure, early death, and, maybe in the case of Majungasaurus, mutations.

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