The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world. Its scientific name literally means "snake-eater". It's called the snake-eater because it eats other snakes, but it also eats lizards, birds, and rodents. The King Cobra's venom is so powerful it can kill a full-grown Asian Elephant in just 3 hours. With people, it only takes a few minutes. The bite of a King Cobra can cause severe pain, blurred vision, drowsiness, and paralysis. Then, the victim go into a coma and, if you're unlucky, respiratory failure which leads to death. But you're unlikely to see these symptoms because the King Cobra is a shy animal that trys to stay away from people as much as it can, it'll only bite when it has to. But the King Cobra is also a caring parent. It is the only snake known to build a nest. In the nest, the female lays 20-40 eggs. After she lays them, she is very aggressive. It's only after they hatch does she abandon them.

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