The Grizzly Bear is a subspecies of Brown Bear that is so aggressive, by the time you see one up close, it could the last thing you'll see in your life. What make this bear so dangerous is that it has huge claws and jaws so powerful, they can tear apart an RV and bite through iron. Despite these killer traits, the Grizzly Bear is mainly a vegatarian. Unlike its cousin, the Polar Bear, the Grizzly Bear has mostly herbivore teeth in the back. The Polar Bear has the teeth of a Lion because there are "bearly" any plants in the Arctic. But the Polar Bear and the Grizzly Bear are part of the family. In 2006, a strange bear was shot in the Arctic. It had characteristics of both the Grizzly Bear and the Polar Bear. Its DNA also showed it was a hybrid. Grizzly-Polar Bear hybrids are very rare in the wild, so this discovery was really weird.