Imagine a Gray Wolf and pump it up with steroids. That's what Canis dirus probably would have looked like. The Dire Wolf was the largest wolf that ever lived. If you think Arctodus simus was nasty, think about a pack of wolves on steroids after you. This canine was attacking prey as big as a bison like an overgrown Dutch Shepard. The Dutch Shepard attacks thugs by leaping into the air mouth open and slamming full force while biting. Dire Wolves would have done the same thing, but would have broken all of a thugs bones. Dire Wolves also had a bite twice as powerful as the bite of a Mastiff. Dire Wolves were not attacking like a Malinois, just jumping in the air, grabbing prey, and wearing them out, they were slamming into their prey so hard they could break a man's back.