The Crowned Eagle is Africa's own Harpy Eagle. Like the Harpy Eagle, Crowned Eagles can snatch a full-grown monkey out of a tree. But a find in South Africa suggests Crowned Eagles also hunted early man. The find was a skull of man's earliest ancester. It was an Australopithicus. The find was named the Taung child. The skull had deep gouges on it. At first, paleontologists thought that the Taung child was attacked and killed by a Dinofelis, or the terrible cat. But closer inspection revealed the gouges were remarkably similar to the claw marks of Crowned Eagles left on monkey skulls. The eye sockets also had beak marks. Dinofelis didn't have a beak, it had small sabers like a Scimitar Cat. The beak marks were exactly the same as the beak marks left on monkey skulls.