Heard of cavemen? Here's something that was just as nasty as a Neanderthal: the Cave Bear. Although not as large as Arctodus, it was still larger than a Kodiak Bear. Unlike Arctodus, Ursus spelaeus was more of a omnivore. But Cave Bears were sometimes cannibals as well. In a cave in Western Turkey, scientists have found the skulls of young Cave Bears with bite marks from adult Cave Bears. But that doesn't mean, at least in my opinion, that the bears actually ate these cubs. Grizzly males today often try to kill a female's cubs to get her to mate with him. I think that was what happened. Other than Neanderthals, Cave Bears had no predators. But Cave Hyenas may have attacked sick Cave Bears, although that would most likely be the last thing that hyena attacks because that Cave Bear would tear that hyena apart.