Basilosaurus was a prehistoric whale that had back shearing teeth like a Lion has. Basilosaurus also had "back legs". Paleontologists speculate that Basilosaurus used these "legs" during mating. The name Basilosaurus means "King Lizard". This is confusing because Basilosaurus was a whale, not a reptile. But the skeleton of Basilosaurus made it look like a sea serpent. In fact, artists in the old days even made Basilosaurus look like a sea monster. Basilosaurus might actually be the inspiration of the sea monster. Cryptozoologists even think Lake Okanagan's Ogopogo could be a Basilosaurus trapped in the lake. Chesapeake Bay also may have a Basilosaurus named Chessie in Maryland. In Scotland, one of the theories of what the Loch Ness Monster might be is Basilosaurus. I mostly agree with the Ogopogo idea.