albertasaurus was a large tyrannosaurid theropod from what is now alberta canada during the late cretaceous .it didnt reach trex propotion but was still impressive at 30ft weighing between 1.3 to 1.9 tons. Albertosaurus closest known relative was the slightly older gorgosaurus libratus .

Late cretaceous canada Edit

during late cretaceous western canada was split from eastern north america by western interior sea way albertosaurus lived when climate was getting cooler leading to receding sea levels .it shared its environment with hadrosaurids like edmontosaurus ,saurolophus ,ceratopsid pachyrhinoceros and ankylosaurids like Anodontosaurus,Edmontonia .albertosaurus was the apex predator of the environment with smaller niches filled by troodons and dromeosaurids .daspeletosaur was either absent or rare in the ecosystem.